Adulting Made Easy:

Things Someone Should Have Told You About Getting Your Grown-Up Act Together

In the age of COVID and chaos, social media, and sky-high rents, it's harder than ever to be an adult. No wonder so many young people have trouble adulting, aren't feeling it, and don't know how to begin. Being in charge of your own life seems exciting until you realize the so-called real world is a mix of daunting decisions and mundane details.


Who knew that health insurance could be a deciding factor for taking or turning down your dream job? What exactly do you say to the doctor's office when you need to make an appointment? And why does laundry have to be separated and done so often? This book tackles and answers the questions young adults sometimes don't even know to ask.


Amanda Morin is an award-winning writer, author, speaker, podcast host and parent advocate based in Maine. She's written on topics including disability, parenting, children, education, special education and inclusion. She worked as a classroom teacher and as an early intervention specialist for 10 years. Amanda has been working in print and digital media as a writer and editor for over 15 years, empowering families and educators to affirm the pivotal roles they play in children’s education.

Amanda's work has appeared in, Edutopia, Educational Leadership Magazine, ASCD Express,, Principal Magazine (NAESP), National PTA's "Our Children," Parenting Special Needs Magazine, Education Week, Inclusion From Square One, Circle of Moms, and more. She’s served as an expert resource for CNN, NPREd, Education Week, Associated Press (AP), The Atlantic, Washington Post, The Hechinger Report, Education World, USA Today, Prevention Magazine, and more.


She is the author of five books: The Everything Parent’s Guide to Special Education, The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book, On-the-Go Fun for Kids: More Than 250 Activities to Keep Little Ones Busy and Happy — Anytime, Anywhere!, What Is Empathy? A Bullying Storybook for Kids, and Adulting Made Easy: Things Someone Should Have Told You About Getting Your Grown-Up Act Together.